The West End is ready for new tenants

Written by Frederieke

Frederieke Rooijakkers is an independent entrepreneur in art&design and interior rendering. She creates the content for S8 Architects for Social Media and for the website.

February 25, 2023

A modern touch to the historic charm of Otrabanda

According to the developer of West End in Otrabanda, the project is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Our design for the new West End aligns with the government’s vision of maximizing revenue from prime locations such as Brionplein. The modern building boasts a contemporary style, while also incorporating elements of the former West End building’s architecture. Overall, the West End Project in Curaçao represents an investment in the future of the island. Through a combination of infrastructure development, historic preservation, and sustainable tourism, the project is helping to create an attractive destination for local visitors and for tourists from all around the world.

A vibrant and diverse destination for all

The West End building is situated at the prime location of Brionplein in Curaçao. Brionplein is a bustling area that has historically served as a hub of commerce, culture, and entertainment in Curaçao. With its stunning views of the Sint Annabaai harbor and easy access to nearby attractions, Brionplein is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The West End building’s prime location puts it right in the heart of the action, making it an ideal spot for a wide range of businesses to thrive. It’s unique design also fits in seamlessly with the surrounding architecture, adding a modern touch to the historic charm of the area.

The building’s ground floor will house a mixture of hospitality, retail, and service businesses, while the upper floor will offer space for dining establishments that can take advantage of the stunning views of Sint Annabaai. Talks with potential tenants have commenced, with a search for local and international entrepreneurs who align with the West End’s vision. This vision entails creating an inclusive high-end luxury concept that embodies Curaçao’s history and welcomes both the local community and foreign visitors. The development team aims to attract businesses that share this vision, which will make the West End a vibrant and diverse destination for all.

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