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Based in Curaçao and in the Netherlands, with almost 25 years of experience in architecture and project management.

What we do


S8 Architects has almost 25 years of experience in designing villa’s, apartments, offices and way more. We are well known for the diversity of our projects and for our professional experience.

Project Management

Project Management is the key to a successful project. At S8, we understand the client’s concerns at every project and we aim to minimize risks in every stage of the project.

Interior Design & Rendering

S8 uses the latest BIM software. This software enables us to make realistic renders of our designs. S8 also has the knowledge, experience and software to make realistic interior renderings.

Why we are different

Building a new house in the Caribbean climate can be challenging. The orientation of your home on the property, air ventilation and material use are just a few examples of elements that you need to take into account in this climate. Our team of (junior) architects, designers, project managers and Revit / BIM draftsmen have a lot of experience in the Caribbean, as well as in the Netherlands. They are able to guide you through all the conceptual stages of the design process.

Our Work

A small selection of our projects in the Caribbean and in the Netherlands

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